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Local one-stop-shop for all things Hydroponics related in Tucson, AZ.

Local one-stop-shop for all things Hydroponics related in Tucson, AZ.

Local one-stop-shop for all things Hydroponics related in Tucson, AZ.Local one-stop-shop for all things Hydroponics related in Tucson, AZ.

Green Lady Hydroponics is a locally owned hydroponic equipment supply shop with friendly and professional staff.



Hydroponic Supply



Plants grown hydroponically will mature up to 50% faster and are proven to produce greater yields of higher quality: vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Complete your hydroponic system with our selection of accessories.


Air Pumps and Sump Pumps

Browse our selection of hydroponic air pumps, sump pumps and air stones. Air pumps and stones are designed to deliver oxygen throughout hydroponic systems for absorption into the root zone. Sump pumps are used to move water from a reservoir into a hydroponic system.


Fans and Filters

Fans and Filters are an important aspect of a hydroponic set-up. CO2 should be kept at an appropriate level for optimal plant growth. Circulation of air in a grow room should be at a constant and filters are used to purify air in and around the grow room of foul odors.  


Fertilizers, Nutrients and Plant Food

Most hydroponic systems do not include the use of soil, though there may be use for an inert growing medium to provide physical support for the plants. Inert growing mediums do not provide any additional nutrients to the plants, plants in a hydroponic system are supplied nutrients manually through use of fertilizers and other supplements.


Grow Lights and Bulbs

Hydroponic systems are typically used indoors, thus require an artificial lighting source to mimic a natural day and night cycle a plant growing outside in soil would experience, grow lights and bulbs used in indoor systems can act as a substitution to the cycle within the appropriate color spectrum. Similar to animals, plants require time to rest and metabolize.



Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning is the technology used to create optimal growing climates within greenhouses and grow rooms. HVAC is used to provide both thermal control and maintain indoor air quality for your plants. Hot and humid air should be moved out of the canopy area and fresh, cooler air replenished with CO2 is to be drawn in.


Pesticides and Repellents

Most hydroponic growing is done in greenhouses or other indoor structures.. These conditions lead to greatly reduced chemical use.  However: pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and miticides are often used to eliminate pests that impact the overall health of both vegetative and flowering plants. These chemical's can either be organic or synthetic.



pH is the measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. pH is crucial in a hydroponic system because it affects availability and absorption of the elements needed for plant growth. Optimal absorption of these elements is found at pH levels 5.5 to 6.5, if pH falls below this optimal range many of the macro-nutrients (N-P-K) will have less availability. 



Plant propagation is the process which grows new plants from a variety of sources such as: seeds, cuttings, and other plant material. Plant propagation can also refer to the man-made or natural dispersal of seeds. Seeds, cuttings, and other plant material can be manually germinated and maintained within a proper hydroponic set-up.



Hydroponic reservoir tanks are the building block of any hydroponic system. Reservoirs are used to contain and circulate the most essential part of your hydroponic set-up, the nutrient solution. Reservoirs are also home to the air/sump/water pumps and any air stones. Lids are often used to prevent contaminants from entering the nutrient solution.


Soil and Growing Mediums

Growing mediums are considered to be any material which a plant grows in. Soil is the growing medium used in traditional cultivation. However, when dealing with hydroponics you are not limited to only soil. A growing medium is used to provide plants' roots with the moister and oxygen they need. Growing mediums are also used to support the plant weight and hold it upright. Growing mediums in hydroponic systems are inert and provide no additional nutrients to the plant.


Tubing and Fittings

Tubing and Fittings play a crucial role in any irrigation present within a hydroponic set-up. The tubing and fittings assist with connecting a system whereby plants receive a balanced nutrient solution dissolved in water. This solution contains all of the chemical elements necessary for plant growth, the plants can then grow directly in the nutrient solution or within an inert growing medium.

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